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Pouches : Showcasing the brand

Fabric, cotton, silk, nylon, non-woven, satin, velours, PP, leather,…


From a jewellery pouch to a dust pouch for a designer pair of shoes , through to large protective pouches designed to package electrical items such as coffee machines, Monro Europe can help you find the right solution for your brand.


Pouches are there to showcase the fundamental characteristics of a brand : Elegance, luxury, and functionality and are available with as many closing systems as there are pouches. Single or double draw cords, metal or plastic snaps, ribbons, zippers, buttons, and many more.

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Garment Bags : A gift your client and a durable memory of your brand

Using fabric, PVC, nylon or leather : the choice is yours and depends on your budget and what you want to achieve.


Quality Garment Bags can be seen as a thoughtful gift to your client and will be a durable presence of your brand and appreciated protection for your clients’ luxury items.


Monro Europe has a vast knowledge of fabrics, finishes and processes and can rely on factories that already service leading brands.

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Ribbons, noose and knots : a touch of class

What is more simple than a ribbon ? They may appear simple yet they can bring a finishing touch of class to your packaging by their quality and specifications including colour, fabric and print. It is the detail that transforms a good looking box into a great one.


Whether it comes from a standard catalogue or is developed specifically for your brand, finishing details are what make the ordinary exceptional.

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Tissue Paper : The sophisticated detail for brand and product.

Often forgotten, brands can be quite surprised by the quantity of tissue paper they use.


Crackling, soft or smooth ; tinted or printed, it is easy to include in a brand’s global packaging… Leave it to Monro Europe to make suggestions, explore new territories and create for you this delicate add-on to your brand ‘s packaging , a superb Tissue Paper.

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Hangers & Mannequins : Offer the entire range of sales tools needed in store

In order to answer all of our clients’ needs, we have extended our product line to include all the tools your brand and products require in store.


Hangers : Wood,plastic, neutral or printed, with your choice of finishes.


Mannequins : Solid or transparent, fixed or movable , as well as a magnetised arms range to offer an easier way of dressing the mannequins.