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Set Up boxes : Adopt the codes of luxury brands

Quality boxes transform perceptions and emphasize your brand’s image, increasing its prestige and the consumer experience.


Monro Europe creates and builds superior quality rigid boxes in which every single detail – from the corners to the sides, from the lid to the hinges – is adjusted.


It is the attention to details that will bring return on investment.


Monro Europe does not offer standard products. A luxury product is by definition unique. It must also be the case for its packaging.


Our role is to create that packaging with you.

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Folding Rigid Boxes : a big advantage for transport and warehousing

Folding rigid boxes, delivered flat, offer all the advantages of a traditional rigid box but with a proportionate cost advantage when it comes to transport and warehousing .


Monro Europe can adapt to your specific criteria and offer the best solution to answer your needs and budget .

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Web carton boxes : get out of the pack with quality graphics & finishes

A folding carton can be so much more than standard , a superior quality of raw goods and finishes can make this simple packaging, economic by definition and become a first class product with a distinctive luxury feel. The perfect ROI.


Monro Europe creates and builds folding cartons with an infinite number of finishes, from silkscreen to UV printing, from metallic foils to specific textures or embossments.

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Jewellery Boxes : Exquisite Jewellery boxes for luxury goods.

Monro Europe creates and builds boxes and jewellery boxes that put exceptional products on a pedestal, showcasing at the same time the brand and consumer.


Whether they are made of wood, of MDF (medium density fiber), resin moulded by injection or by any other mean that will make it original and exclusive, the Monro Jewellery boxes are testament to our expertise and experience.